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December 13, 2016

We have contractors who refer us work all the time. They know we will take care of their customers. Recently, a Trussville home owner needed a bathroom remodel. To accommodate the existing under pipes, we drew up a unique layout. She loved it. When finished, she said it was better than she...

November 17, 2016

The others said it couldn't be done. We knew better.


We saved a Trussville homeowner 2/3 of what she was being quoted because we installed a new water line without tearing up the sidewalk. She was so happy when we were able to save her sidewalk and her bank account because several ot...

August 18, 2016

When a resident bought a house that had been flipped, he found the plumbing in the basement under the bathroom was leaking. We replaced it. He was so happy that he asked us to redo other plumbing in the house.

December 5, 2015

We don't have it often, but when we get temperatures in the teens or tewnties two nights in a row with the day between staying below the freezing mark, I'm sure to get some calls of busted pipes. However, the temperature is not the main factor that causes this; it's the exposure to cold air...

November 7, 2015

Chemical cleaners are dangerous to use, harmful to your pipes, and pollute the environment. We recommend using only a plunger or call a plumber. Never pair chemical drain cleaner and plungers!


If you have a failed attempt to unclog your pipes with a chemical drain opener, be aw...

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