This Plumber Recommends Avoiding Chemical Drain Openers

Chemical cleaners are dangerous to use, harmful to your pipes, and pollute the environment. We recommend using only a plunger or call a plumber. Never pair chemical drain cleaner and plungers!

If you have a failed attempt to unclog your pipes with a chemical drain opener, be aware: the chemicals are sitting in your pipes. If you then try a plunger, you may draw the chemical back toward you, causing serious burns to your hands, face, and any exposed skin. You can’t put a price on your family’s safety, and this is a problem you want to avoid at all costs.

Additionally, we have seen pipes damaged from chemical drain openers causing a leak. And sometimes the homeowner doesn't realize his pipe is leaking because it's in a wall or under a sink. Then you'll end up with a stinky mess or damage to the structure. If your drain pipe is clogged, and the plunger doesn't get it out, we recommend you call us or another trusted plumber.

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