Trussville Plumbing Inspection Avoids Flooding from Hose about to Burst

We wrote about it before, that the black washing machine hoses don't last a long time and should be replaced with the red and blue hoses that are more reliable. Why is this important? An experience with our Trussville customer shows why. While doing work at the residence, we offered to do a free plumbing inspection, as we always do. And we found the common but risky bulging washing machine hose. Just imagine what could have happened if it had burst! These black hoses only have a lifespan of about 2 years. This is why we offer the inspection. Most homeowners have no idea whether their plumbing is done well. And passing code does not mean it's good plumbing. Especially is such an inspection needed if you are not the first ones to live in the house. Prior owners may have done the plumbing themselves or done by a not-so-careful plumber.

Most often, you'll have no warning until you come home one day and find water standing. Anytime we can save homeowners from flooding damage, we consider it a success story.

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