Think Long-Term in Choosing Plumbing Parts

When you buy a house, you don't know if the previous owner was a cheapskate or someone who valued quality in their house. A Hoover resident had a basement bathroom that had been put in by the previous owner.

For two years, the pump didn't work. There was water coming up through the cement floor around the sewer/sump pump. Why? The cheap pump was made out of plastic, and--no surprise--it didn't last.

Here at ACE, we would never install a plastic pump to handle sewage discharge from your home. Cheap is not always better when it comes to plumbing and plumbing parts. For this Hoover homeowner, we installed a top-of-the-line sewer pump for less than expected.

How do you know if the part you want to use is a good enough quality to last? Hire an experienced plumber to do it.

We are licensed plumbers serving the Birmingham metropolitan area and parts of St. Clair County. See why having a licensed plumber is important.

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