Trussville Toilet Upgrade Helps Woman's Knees

You don't often think of changing plumbing fixtures to help aching knees. But one Trussville woman found a modern toilet did just that. But it started with just a loose toilet, but this simple change brought more benefits.

As we get older, little changes can bring more comfort. In this case, we upgraded the toilet to one that sits a bit higher and doesn't use as much water. It's made by Kohler and sits the same height as a kitchen chair, 18 inches.

You can imagine that would be easier on the knees and overall require less effort to get up and down from it.

The water use from the old one to the new changed from 4-gallon flush to 1.6-gallon flush. And if you live on the sewer system, remember the water bill amount and sewer charges go down with less water use.

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