Clay Church Toilet Flushing Problem Has Unexpected Cause

When Faith Lutheran Church in Clay had toilet flushing valves not working; they wouldn't shut off. We were called to fix them. But the cause ended up being something else besides the valves. Another problem gave a clue: a high water bill.

In our inspection, we found they had a bad water pressure regulator. When the regulator is not functioning properly, the water pressure coming to the toilets, faucets and the rest of the plumbing appliances/fixtures may have problems.

In this case, the toilet valves were failing due to the pressure, but so was their hot water heater. It was leaking, and they didn't even notice it. The dripping faucets, also caused by a faulty water pressure regulator, were fixed.

But finding this will also save them money on their water bill. Plumbing is tricky. The cause is not always what it appears. But the plumbers with experience know to look beyond the obvious.

Check out the experience of Greg and Jason at ACE Plumbing Services.

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