Rebate Offered for Getting a New Gas Water Heater in Alabama

You may have heard of a rebate for when you convert from electric to gas water heaters, or vice versa. But you can also get a $350 rebate from gas companies in central Alabama for getting an updated gas water heater. The offers are the same from Spire (aka Alagasco), Trussville Gas and Water, and Oneonta Utilities.

We are approved for installing these more efficient water heaters. The requirement is only that you are replacing one that is at least 10 years old.

There's no need to wait until you have an emergency or a leak. You can do it now and get some benefits. We've done so many, we now have a collection of older gas water heaters; we call it our water heater graveyard.

Besides improvements in design for more efficiency and reducing utility bills, the U.S. Department of Energy required water heater manufacturers to meet a new efficiency standard starting on April 16, 2015 . This advancement has a modest impact on the most common water heaters, but can cut energy use of the water heater by about 1/4 or more for the larger ones.

Interestingly, heating the home interior (or cooling it in our area of the country) is the biggest energy cost. But the water heater is the second.

We've come a long way from having to boil water over a fire to get hot water for kitchen or bathing use. Today's trends include tankless water heaters and building in automation and controls. Smartphones are even having an impact on new water heater technologies.

As you can see in this page about our company, we are certified by the Alabama Plumbers and Gas Fitters Examining Board, which means we are licensed to install gas water heaters and other gas lines and appliances. Call us at 205-585-3353 for a free consult or pricing quote.

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