Drip Behind Faucet Handle Can Lead to Costly Repairs


There are lots of types of drips (nonhuman kind). There are big and loud drips. And there are small and not-so-loud drips. But the drip that can be most costly is the drip behind a faucet handle.


Recently, a Pinson family had such a drip. But what they didn't realize is that was on the drip they saw. There was also some dripping happening in the wall. And this turned a faucet fix into a shower repair.


We fixed the plumbing, the tile, replaced the floor, including the floor pan. We also replaced the pipe from the floor drain.


Here's the tip: Fix that drip, even if you need a plumber to do it.


Drips cost money in the water bill. But some drips can cost you much more.


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