Don't Let the Water Pressure Cause a Blow Up

It has happened, even here in the United States: A hot water heater explodes because of the high water pressure, similar to what you see in the above episode of "Mythbusters." As water heats up, the pressure builds up. If the water pressure is already high, it can become dangerously high, to the point of causing a blow out.

Recently, we tested a Trussville resident's pressure at the water heater. It should have been reading around 60 psi (pounds of pressure per square inch). But it was 150! Think about it: a car tire holds about 34 psi. So 150 psi is extremely high, and could be harmful and costly.

We recommend two products to prevent this. Expansion tanks absorb fluctuations in the pressure and a working water pressure regulator limits the water pressure coming into it.

We often install the Tank One expansion tank and a Watts water pressure regulator.

Thermal expansion (volume expansion from heat) and bad water regulators can cause hoses to washing machines to blow out, causing flooding. It can cause faucet drips, pipes banging and other weird pipe noises. It can cause toilets to malfunction.

You may like having real strong water pressure. We hear that sometimes. But it's not recommended. Having the right pressure is important to the house plumbing health, is safer, and can prevent costly problems.

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