Clay Homeowner Has New Basement Bathroom Thanks to a Pump System

Developing a basement is a great way to add living space more economically and with less hassle than selling and moving. One homeowner in Clay added 2 bedrooms. But a bathroom in the basement added to the convenience.

In this case, we couldn't use gravity to create a flow from the sink, toilet, and bathtub into the septic tank. No problem. A pump solved it. Just because your septic tank is higher than the floor of your basement, doesn't mean you can't have a basement bathroom. You can.

In this case, we did it in stages, to accommodate the bedroom development. We planned out what would go where and then roughed in some of the plumbing, framing and bathtub. We came back months later to do the finishing work. We can work with other contractors and at the pace you need to make the whole project successful.

You'll note that the bathtub has grab bars to increase the safety. We also had to raise the bathtub a few inches. But all the rest of it could sit at floor level. We're pleased to see how nice this turned out and that this house has added value due to the additional bathroom and bedrooms.

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