How Much Does a Residential Main Water Line Repair Cost?

We are often asked to give an estimate on how much it will cost to repair a residential water line. The quick answer is: It depends. An experienced plumber, especially in central Alabama, knows there are many variables that will affect the time, effort, and parts needed.

In our case, we need to know the depth of the line, the type of line (materials), and the type of dirt we will be digging through. And this requires an in-person estimate, which we provide for free. In a recent case, we repaired a waterline for a lady in Center Point. At the house where the repair was needed, the line was 4 feet deep. This is unusual. And it required more time and effort than normal. Each house is different. In some cases, it will be better and cheaper to just put in a new line instead of doing a repair.

The main causes of a main water line leak are settling ground, corrosion, and frosts.

The main signs you have a leak are a higher-than-expected water bill, loss of pressure, and water seeping up in the ground. Testing for the leak is easy. Call us at 205-585-3353, we'll tell you how.

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