Cleaning Wipes in Plumbing Can Cause Costly Sewage Pump Replacement

A homeowner in the Trussville/Clay area called us for a dysfunctioning underground sewage pump in the basement. We put them in for basement bathrooms all the time. Basement bathrooms with sewage pumps are great. But not if you don't respect the pump.

In this case, cleaning wipes were being disposed of in the plumbing, down the drain, instead of the trash can. And, sewage pumps get clogged from these. They can damage the valves, too.

So, the rule--strict rule--is to only put in human waste or toilet tissue down the toilet. Not even cigarettes. (In another blogpost, we have tips on how to use a food processor properly.)

If you break this rule, the penalty may be a very costly sewage pump replacement, as happened for one of our customers. We had to hand pump the sewage to replace the pump, which is also messy. In the above pictures, you can see the orange bucket where we are removing dozens of wipes in the basin.

If you're concerned about your sewage pump performance, text or call us at 205-585-3353.

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